Rad Or Bad Reinvention: Snoop Dogg Is Now Snoop Lion

Well, doggon it — looks like Snoop's feeling feline these days! The SoCal singer has stepped out with an alter ego that's got major bite. (Step aside, Sasha Fierce!). Dubbed Snoop Lion, the pseudonym is reserved for the OG's reggae-infused beats, and his premiere track titled "La La La" (produced by Major Lazer) was unleashed to the public yesterday to rave reviews.
Although the new genre may come as a surprise to fans, this isn't Snoop's first foray outside of hip-hop — remember his ode to weed with the one-and-only Willie Nelson back in April? The entire album, Reincarnated, will be released on Vice later this year, but the preview is proof that his latest project is downright dope. And, when Snoop's got something to share, he doesn't just send a mass text — he alerts buds like Martha Stewart and Rihanna via his new Twitter account about the debut tune.
Listen to the laced track with newcomer Jovi Rockwell, and tell us: Is Snoop's new sound something you'd roll with, or is his music career about to go up in smoke? (Billboard)
Photo: Via Billboard

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