Major! Barneys Warehouse Sale Is Heading Online For The First Time EVER

Alright, we admit it: Sometimes New Yorkers can get selfish. We need our own seat on the subway, a spot at the bar that doesn’t require us to stand sideways, and... we want to keep the legendary Barneys New York Warehouse Sale all to ourselves. Now, it looks like we can't. Okay, so we still want a place to sit on the subway, but we’re (sort of) willing to share the wealth when it comes to the luxury retailer's Warehouse Sale.
Indeed, Barneys has announced that they’ll be taking the Warehouse Sale online this year for the first time ever, and we're already saving up our extra change in anticipation. You can expect to see the same unbelievable deals (we’re talking discounts of up to 75% off) that New Yorkers are actually willing to wait in line for. The online Warehouse Sale will bring you the absolute best of Barneys’ seasonal sale, and although the official August launch date hasn’t been released yet, you can already sign up for early access.
Of course, if you are interested in braving the crowds, Barneys will still be hosting the physical Warehouse Sale in New York from August 23 to September 3. Just be sure to play nice, shoppers. We hate to be selfish, but we kinda hate sharing.

Photo Courtesy of Barneys NY