Behold James Franco, Mila Kunis, & Michelle Williams In This Magical Oz Trailer

Reboots — they are a little overwhelming, and the time that producers are taking between the original and their revisitations are beginning to feel shorter and shorter. But when (and get ready for this list) James Franco, Mila Kunis, Michelle Williams, Zach Braff, and Rachel Weisz get together, alongside Spider-Man (and, more importantly, The Evil Dead) director Sam Raimi, the idea of a reboot gets more appealing ... in this case, at least.
Introducing Oz The Great And Powerful, which just premiered its trailer and is set to hit theaters in '13. What you've got is a handsome James Franco, a ne'er-do-well magician and soon-to-be wizard, escaping Kansas and landing in Oz amongst three gorgeous witches (Mila, Michelle, and Rachel). Franco is a fan of the original Frank L. Baum books, which focus not so much on Dorothy but on the original creatures of Oz, and the new movie follows a similar story line. The trailer is a CG fantasy, with Mila smoldering, Rachel simpering, and Michelle, who plays Glinda, looking like some sort of earthbound angel with long waves.
So, we give a stamp of approval on this relaunch. Hey, if Franco signs on, it'll definitely be worth watching.

Photo: Via Walt Disney Studios

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