You Won't Believe The Clause MTV Asks Jersey Shore-ers To Sign Before Filming

The Jersey Shore's appeal definitely doesn't belong in je ne sais quoi territory. Nope, the reason to watch is pretty obvious –– it's for the love of greased-up "gorillas" going through what amounts to a single-file line of "grenades."
But, behind all of this extremely watchable fun, and just below the cast's highly-manicured rectus abdomini, is a dark, vom-inducing secret about the business of reality television: the "VD Clause". MTV actually asks the cast to sign away the network's liability for any venereal diseases they contract from "other participants." No, really, you read that correctly. In laymen's terms: If producers push a Karma rando on Snooki, homegirl's Valtrex won't be comped.
Then again, the pants-off-parties, just like the T-shirt-times, often happen organically –– but if these cast members are just pawns in Viacom's money-making "situation," should they really be held solely responsible for their jungle-juiced mistakes? This one's a toughie, and throwing your support for one team or the other won't be cut-and-dry. Do you think it's okay that MTV washes their hands of #shoreproblems when they have a hand in creating them? (NYDaily News)
Photo: Via NYDaily News

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