Kate Middleton Gets Demoted In Royal Slam Book

What do Regina George and the Queen of England have in common? Other than a penchant for pastels, they might both be authors of a slam book – although we're sure the queen's just-released Order of Precedence doesn't include the words "fugly slut."
All jokes aside though, the Order of Precedence is a detailed hierarchy of everyone who's anyone in the monarchy. If it sounds like a useless document, think again – a drop in rank might mean you're curtsying to your own cousin. Such is the sad case for much-beloved Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.
In the newly updated version, the Queen's Order of Precedence will have Kate on bended knee in front of so-called "blood princesses," among others. She is, after all, a lowly commoner (gasp!) – and she's not official royalty until her blue-blooded hubby actually ascends to the throne.

But never fear, Kate Middleton superfans! While she might be bowing with the rest of us mere mortals on certain occasions, everything changes when Prince William is in attendance. When both members of the royal couple are present, all those blood princesses have to curtsy to Kate instead of the other way around. Sweet revenge! (The Huffington Post

Photo: Via The Huffington Post

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