Watch: Just When We Thought Ry Gos Couldn’t Get Cuter, THIS HAPPENS

We haven't written about our boyfriend — the one, the only, the crafted-by-the-hand-of-higher-powers — Ryan Gosling in quite some time (like over a week, playing hard to get!). But, we couldn't help but gush when we saw this adorable home video of him singing, "When A Man Loves A Woman Refinery29 Editor," and then breaking it down to "Everybody Dance Now." In baggy MC Hammer pants. And a cowboy-inspired shirt. At a Mormon talent show. And though we're more than envious of his duet partner (a similarly dressed, peppy, early '90s companion), we are, in a word, impressed. Ryan's got moves and he really hams it up for the camera, pointing, winking, and pelvic-thrusting his way into our hearts once again. Watch the video below and then squeal in the comments. (Jezebel)

Video: Via YouTube