Here's What The Perfect Woman Was Like In 1912

All men have their own opinions on who the perfect woman might be — Gisele, Blake Lively, Megan get the picture. However, back in the Stone Age early 1900s, the weaker sex had a slightly different, and admittedly refreshing, view on their female counterparts. Gothamist recently uncovered an ancient New York Times article proclaiming Cornell co-ed Elsie Scheel as "the perfect girl."
What qualities did the perfect girl of 1912 possess, you ask? Let us regale you: Aside from standing at 5'7" and weighing a healthy 171 pounds, Miss Elsie rarely ate breakfast, never drank coffee or tea (gasp!), and preferred beefsteak dinners to candy. She also never got sick and didn't feel fear — apparently, in the 1900s, the perfect woman was also a superhero.
While we'll never meet the outdoor-sport-ing, horticulture-ing, beef-eating Scheel, we can imagine that she pulled in many a handsome man — you couldn't expect any less from a woman who didn't "have a single defect." Megan Fox, meet your match. (Gothamist)
Photo: Via Gothamist

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