3 New Headphones For The New Year

Poor headphone quality is soooooo 2010, so do your ears a favor and put those holiday gift cards to use with one of these super cool, super high-quality, just released headphones available at our fave gadget-friendly stores all over the city (because you need them NOW!). No more tinny, headache-causing 'phones that make you want to chuck your iPod into the East River. We've rounded up only the clearest and richest ones out there to make next year's dreaded subway commute a little gentler. And, you're in luck: Generosity is one of our New Year's resolution, so one extra-lucky reader will get the chance to win a pair of Denon's AH-D1100 Advanced Over-Ear Headphones in the latest and greatest Refinery 29 giveaway. Now that's music to our ears!
Click through to see our top picks, and the deets on our contest!

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