8 Things You Need To Know This AM — Aug 02 2016

1. Here At Home: John McCain and Paul Ryan criticized Donald Trump's comments about the family of a slain Muslim-American Army captain.

"In recent days, Donald Trump disparaged a fallen soldier's parents," McCain wrote in a prepared statement. "He has suggested that the likes of their son should not be allowed in the United States — to say nothing of entering its service. I cannot emphasize enough how deeply I disagree with Mr. Trump’s statement." (Read More)

2. In-The-Know: The number of Zika cases acquired from local mosquitoes has risen from four to 14, according to Florida Governor Rick Scott.

The cases were likely acquired locally, rather than via travel to an area already battling a Zika outbreak or by having sex with someone who'd traveled to those areas. The United States has already seen more than 1,600 travel-related cases of the virus, according to CDC stats. The CDC has advised pregnant women to stay away from a Miami neighborhood where Zika cases have been reported. (Read More)

3. World News: Yuriko Koike was elected the first female governor of Tokyo.

Koike was elected on Sunday, after the city's former governor became embroiled in a financial scandal. Her predecessor, Yoichi Masuzoe, resigned after admitting to using political funding for personal entertainment and travel expenses. (The New York Times)
Photo: Richard Atrero de Guzman/NurPhoto/ Getty Images.

4. Major News: The 16 victims of a hot-air balloon crash in Texas have been identified.

Authorities haven't released the names of the people who died in this weekend's crash. The victims include a couple who were celebrating their wedding anniversary, according to AP. (The Associated Press)

5. This Is Not A Drill: An Associated Press study found that Rio's contaminated waters could make athletes "violently ill."

After a 16-month study, AP concluded that Olympic athletes could get sick from Rio's waters. One expert's advice? "Don't put your head under water." (The Associated Press)

6. World News: Uber is selling its China operations to Didi Chuxing, its rival company.

The news comes after a long competition between the two companies. Uber lost $2 billion in two years of operations in China, according to Bloomberg's sources. (Bloomberg)

7. Music Tracker: Frank Ocean's next album, Boys Don't Cry, will reportedly be released on Friday.

The album will be released exclusively through Apple Music before a wider release, according to The New York Times's sources. The news comes after a mysterious video, which featured the Apple Music logo, was uploaded to Ocean's website. (The New York Times)

8. Just Wrong: Donald Trump hopes Ivanka would "find another career" if sexually harassed.

The Republican nominee for president spoke to USA Today columnist Kirsten Powers and expressed disappointment that women from Fox News have come forward to disparage Roger Ailes. Asked what if someone treated his daughter Ivanka the same way as Ailes allegedly acted, Trump responded, "I would like to think she would find another career or find another company if that was the case." (Read More)

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