Whole Foods Wants You To Try “Ugly” Food, Plus More Stories

Just Wrong: A Spanish judge is under fire for asking a pregnant survivor of rape whether she "closed her legs."

The Huffington Post reports (via Spanish gender-rights group the Clara Campoamor Association) that a Spanish judge asked the woman — a survivor of physical and sexual assault — "Did you close your legs firmly? Did you close off your female organs?" The Clara Campoamor Association is now calling for a full investigation of the judge. (Read More)

Tech Talk: Apple filed a patent for a feature that lets your Apple Watch detect medical emergencies and call 911.

An electronic device (an Apple Watch, for example) that monitors sensor data would detect what Apple calls “care events.” Such an event might be detected using the accelerometer and heart rate sensor — a sudden movement followed by an absence of heart rate, for example, might indicate a heart attack. (Read More)

Longread: About 1 in 4 people living with HIV in the U.S. are women, so why aren’t more women talking about PrEP?

When I bring up PrEP with a female friend, more often than not, she’s never heard of it. Considering what a tremendous impact this drug has had on the gay community (and the fact that my female friends are among the smartest people I know), I started asking myself, Why aren’t more women talking about PrEP? (Read More)

Notorious RBG: Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is publishing a new book in 2017.

On Thursday, Simon & Schuster announced that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will be releasing a new book, titled My Own Words, next year. The book will be the first from Ginsburg since becoming an associate justice in 1993. (Read More)
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Here At Home: A California bill could eliminate daylight savings time for the state.

If you hate daylight saving time, you're not alone. Thanks to a proposed bill, it could soon go away entirely, at least for California residents. If the bill is passed and approved by voters, the state could join Hawaii and most of Arizona in choosing not to observe daylight saving time. (Read More)

Talking Points: According to a new study, several sexual desires that psychiatrists classify as "abnormal" are common.

The study discovered that of the general population, 46.5% are interested in at least one of the eight sexual behaviors that the DSM-5 labels anomalous. So many were interested in voyeurism (35%), fetishism (26%), masochism (19%), or frotteurism(26%), that it doesn't seem to make sense that these four are classified as "unusual." (Read More)

Fun Fact: Whole Foods stores in Northern California will begin selling misshapen fruits and vegetables.

Some Whole Foods stores will begin testing fruits and vegetables from Imperfect Produce, a company also based in California. As a result, produce at your local Whole Foods might start looking a little lumpy. Slightly misshapen. Like the kind of fruits and vegetables Tim Burton would create. But the influx of "ugly produce" would be a big step to cutting down on food waste. (Read More)

Style Stalking: The best way to style in-between seasons? Try the "Strong Arm" technique.

The segue from winter to spring is filled with too-warm-for-coats, too-chily-for-bare-arms days, which can be remedied by this first move in our playbook: the Strong Arm. Basically, it means wearing a formfitting, warming base layer underneath an #OOTD, with the long sleeves peeking out from under our jackets. (Read More)

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