The 3 Hottest Brooklyn Jewelers

Maybe it's because most of our team treks over the bridge to get to work, but Brooklyn is our favorite borough to do some trend-spotting. So, when we noticed that our three jewelry designers du jour all had the 718 in common (that, and amazing baubles and trinkets), we had to give a shout-out to the county most of us call home. Whether they be on their first collection or are seasoned designers, here are three Brooklyn jewelers to know now (and you'll thank us for later). And to help you get in on the next big thing without eating too much into your rent money, we've put together 3 deals to fill up your jewelry box.
1. Elizabeth Knight Jewelry: Williamsburg-based jeweler Elizabeth Thompson's inaugural collection suggests pearls and wristlets needn't be all sugar and sweetness. Based on natural forms, Thompson casts organic forms in oxidized silver, giving her naturalistic shapes a weathered, aged feel. EKJ's gems include a delicate sterling silver frog 'hand' clasping a freshwater pearl ($176) or a long tree-bark inspired leather-chained necklace ($400). Our favorite, though, is the scorpion tail earrings, which look like shapely spikes from afar. ($116).
R29 DEAL: Enter code Refinery29 and receive 20% off Elizabeth Knight's Frog Pearl earrings, Tree Bark necklace, or Scorpion Tail earrings until Thursday, August 12, at Brooklyn boutique Catbird.
2. Yayoi Forest Jewelry: Living in downtown Brooklyn by way of Kyoto and Osaka, Yayoi Inada moved to New York to study jewelry design at FIT. Though she launched Yayoi Forest Jewelry back in '07, thanks to the pricey cost of gold, Inada has used this season to branch out, crafting her delicate bangles in more affordable silver. Inspired by her childhood in Japan, Inada draws from nature—think intertwined twigs melded into cuffs ($290) or antiqued and chiseled diamond necklaces ($500). Our pick? The on-trend double ring, softened with ornate filigree and black diamonds ($290).
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3. NKAlexander Jewelry: To shop and live in the BK, you must be familiar with thrifting, yard sales and non-bed bug ridden refuse for finding hidden treasure. Nicole Alexander's antique-based line, NKAlexander, keeps that ethos, and her self-proclaimed bread-and-butter are vintage button rings (understated enough for daily wear). A third-generation jeweler, she put her own twist on some classics, like the art deco angles of the Triangular pendant ($45), and the flapper-esque style of the beaded "Dance Dance Dance" chain ($48).
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Above, clockwise from left: NK Alexander Necklace, $45; Yayoi Cuff, $290; NK Alexander Ring, $25;Elizabeth Knight Scorpion earrings, $116; Elizabeth Knight frog pearl earrings, $176; Yayoi Black Diamond Double Ring, $290; Elizabeth Knight Tree Bark Necklace, $400.

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