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Catastrophic tornadoes and storms ravaged North Texas, killing at least 11. (Read More)
China officially ended its one-child policy after 31 years; the limit is now two. (Read More)
Star Wars: The Force Awakens became the fastest movie to reach $1 billion in sales. ("Variety")
A Kentucky mall was forced to shut down after multiple brawls involving some 2,000 people. (Time)
Justin Bieber to 5 Seconds of Summer: "Sorry guy, don't hate you. Don't even know u." (Read More)
Yep, Donald Trump is just like Stephen Colbert's old "Colbert Report" character. With $10 billion. (Vulture)
Timbaland’s new mixtape includes a previously unreleased Aaliyah song, "Shakin'." (Jezebel)
Kylie Jenner addressed the rumors around her sparkly Christmas gift: "NO, I'm not engaged :)" (Read More)
Photo: Courtesy of Giphy.

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