Meet Your L.A. Editor: 10 Things To Know About Brenna

Hey L.A.! I'm the NKOTB here at R29 and would like to start our relationship off on the right (well-heeled) foot. So here are a few fun facts about yours truly. First things first, I love me a good Top 10 list! Feel free to drop me some lines back below about your style, soul...whatever's on your mind! I'd love to know what you'd like to see more of from the site, too. Let's be friends!
10. From Babs, to B-Bops, to Bunny (and several variations of that noun), I answer to a zillion nicknames...depending on the person.
9. My mom was one of 13 children (I have the coolest aunts!), but I am an only child. Clearly I was a enough of a handful for her!
8. I prefer the Goodwill to Barneys any day of the week...if only it had a little black credit card and a café that served a good Cab!
7. If I could invite anyone to dinner, Diana Vreeland would be at the top of my list (Oscar Wilde would be a close second). I think I'd take her to the One-Eyed Gypsy—she'd appreciate its wit.
6. I hail from Omaha, Nebraska and wouldn't change my dreamy open-aired childhood and kindhearted—albeit harsh-weathered—upbringing for the world. (I've probably heard that "Did you drive a tractor to school?" condescension about 200 times in my 11 years in L.A.!).
5. I was born with what I've dubbed the "early curse," which can be really, really frustrating in a town where late is the norm. I have a 30 minute rule, if you're not there, I hit the highway!
4. I'm a bit fanatical about board games. Don't mess with me at Scrabble, backgammon, dominoes, or my absolute fave, Catch Phrase—I would play that game by myself if I could (umm, totally kidding)!
3. If I won the lotto, I'd found a female empowerment program, then probably hit Prada and Opening Ceremony en route to Tulum.
2. My writing companion is my rescue pup Mick Jagger. He has the face of a Cavalier King Charles, body of a Dachsund, and personality of a rock star (you should see him swagger). I like to serenade him with that Maroon 5 song in the morning when we wake up.
1. I've worked at Vogue, OK! Weekly, as a stylist, and even had my own online vintage boutique, but I really feel like I've landed my dream job here at R29.
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Photographed by Shanita Sims.