Everyone's Getting Married; Here's What To Buy Them

All your friends chose the same three months in which to tie the knot, and now your foreseeable weekends will be occupied contemplating black-tie-optional attire, acquiring (or getting rid of) a plus-one, and somehow finding time to buy each couple a gift they will love and actually use. And that's not even touching on all those pre-wedding celebrations that also require splashing out on a present or two. In order to free up your mind for those first few priorities, we scoured the market for great gifts that'll cover you from engagement party through to the big day. Now you just have to decide whether to ship or carry.
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For the wine-friendly couple

How to make that cheap bottle of rosé classy? Stick it in one of these fancy terracotta wine coolers of course.

Terracotta Wine Cooler, Howkapow, £35
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For the gardener couple

If this couple's main chat in recent times has been more about their herb gardens and vines than how drunk they got at the weekend then consider giving them this bee block, which can be built into a wall or left free-standing.

Basically, it gives the bees (who we all know need saving) a place to hang, thus encouraging them to pollinate your mate's flowers.

Bee Block, Dyke & Dean, £27
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For the design-mad couple

It can be intimidating purchasing presents for a couple who seem to have impeccable taste in every area. This clock, however, is likely to fit in with any style – from eclectic to minimalist, boho to ostentatious – meaning it'll be popular with even the most hard-to-please couple.

Freakish Wall Clock, Clippings, £66.73
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For the couple you want to please when you're on a budget

Weddings are expensive things. Especially if you've got more than one in a summer. For most of the stuff on this list we'd recommend going at least halves with your partner or a friend but, if you're flying solo and still want it to look like you've splashed the cash, these dinner plates (set of four for £25) are an excellent steal.

Dipped Earthenware Plates, Trouva, £25
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For the couple who've moved out to the country

These guys ditched the city and bought themselves a delightful house in the country with a garden and three bedrooms for the price of a studio flat where you live. Top work on their part.

This rope swing is the perfect way to complete their new country lifestyle – especially if they happen to have a willow tree whose boughs stretch over a picturesque little river.

Didi Tree Swing, Rowan and Wren, £78
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For the literary couple

For those that love books, a special place to show off their favourite novels is always appreciated. Like this set of three floating shelves.

Set of three floating shelves, Umbra, £35
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For the "Remember when...?" couple

Their house is already covered in all those pictures you thought were resigned to the annals of Facebook, never to be seen again unless that On This Day... algorithm rears its cruel and ugly head.

This couple LOVE documenting memories for future talking points so give them a hand turning their home into an interactive scrapbook with this stylish photo frame.

Memory Frame, The Little House Shop, £52
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For the "Oh, you must come over for dinner" couple

These guys have more dinner parties than you can shake a stick at, cookery books coming out of their ears and like nothing more than showing off their new kitchen bits which enable them to serve you ever weirder and more wonderful foodie creations.

This oil and vinegar, salt and pepper set is perfect for them to use a centrepiece for dinner parties and also ensures you're invited to all future feasts.

Clay Tapas Set, Mizu, £24.99
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For the I really haven't got a clue couple

Maybe you don't know them that well, maybe they're your partner's mates – either way, you're mainly busy wondering what you're even doing at the wedding, let alone what to actually buy them to help them on their way to future happiness.

These mugs are a good shout. They're cool, but not edgy enough to put someone off, everyone needs coffee mugs (even if they don't drink coffee) and they look nice on a shelf. Top work all round.

Jansen + Co tonal mugs, Cloudberry Living, £27.50
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For the at-home workers

With more and more of us working from home these days, making your workspace into somewhere you can really get your head down is super-important. This desk lamp is, for those trying to turn their study from just another corner of the bedroom into a professional working environment, pretty much essential.

Lola Desk Lamp, Rockett St. George, £65
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For the arty couple

These are the guys who somehow have managed to free their house of the clutter that's overtaken yours. Their coffee table isn't a place for bills, used coffee cups and crumbs, oh no, it's for one perfectly placed coffee-table book and one very expensive vase. Give them a selection of these trays to add to the mix.

Kaleido Trays, Hay, various locations, from £12.99
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For the mini-mooners

These guys are that couple whose Instagram feed shows them eating padrón peppers in Valencia one weekend, then relaxing in a Budapest spa the next. Get them the now-iconic New York Times 36 Hours In... travel guides which, when not being all kinds of useful, look damn handsome on a shelf.

36 Hours In, New York Times, Amazon, £79.99
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For the couple with their first flat

Thanks to a number of things that are far too depressing to go into here, first flats are not the size that they used to be. In fact, how long can it be before married couples sharing houses and raising children together is the norm?

Anyway, that's by-the-by. These planters mean even the most space-challenged of people get some greenery in their lives.

Set of three planters, Light and Ladder, Etsy, £112

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