15 Seriously Amazing Wedding Dresses With Pockets For The Hands-On Bride

I don't know a woman alive who doesn't love pockets. Along with "It was half off in the sale!", "It has pockets!" is the best thing you can hear after complimenting a friend's new outfit; cue them doubling down with a demonstration of said pockets, naturally.
In 2019, humans have managed to grow plants on the moon (no, really), yet women's clothing often remains pocketless. While our male friends and partners can get up and go – keys, phone and wallet tucked safely in their back pockets – we must content ourselves with that meagre coin pocket on our jeans (or worse, fake pockets).
No time are you more likely to find yourself needing to carry a small suitcase worth of items than on your wedding day: your vows, a packet of tissues, lipstick for touch-ups, a flask for Dutch courage, a list of your other half's obscure family members... In January, this tweet about a bride and her bridesmaids whose dresses had pockets went viral, causing women across the globe to consider the possibilities of a brave new pocketed world.
In the same boat? Then look no further, we've rounded up 15 of our favourite wedding dresses with pockets.