Why This Bride's Unique Wedding & Bridesmaids' Dresses Are Going Viral

A photo of a bride wearing a wedding dress customised with pockets has gone viral.
The picture, which shows bride Eve Paterson with six bridesmaids whose dresses also have pockets, has now been liked more than 13,000 times on Twitter.
It was posted by one of the bridesmaids, Nell Goddard, who wrote in her Twitter post: "And yes, we did use them for storing snacks, thank you for asking."
Since being posted earlier this week, the dresses have attracted hundreds of enthusiastic comments on Twitter. "I really wish I’d thought of pockets when I got married. Such a little thing yet so important," one person tweeted.
Another wrote: "Divine! You all look magnificent and adequately equipped for whatever the day may throw at you!"
"ALWAYS POCKETS. I love this. Badass wedding," another added.
The bride has since said that she chose a dress which already had pockets from David's Bridal. She then paid a small extra charge so that her bridesmaids dresses from KF Bridal would have pockets, too.
"You’d never expect to hire suits for guys and then ‘add pockets’ as an extra," Paterson told the Press Association. "These dresses proved that it’s possible to look beautiful, feel amazing, and be practically equipped for the day, and I hope it encourages other brands to up their game on this as well."
Paterson, who lives in Cambridge and met her husband Angus while they were studying at Durham University, said the pockets also made a subtle point about the way women's clothes are designed generally.
"Women’s clothing simply doesn’t empower women as much as it should," she said. "Pockets are such a tiny issue in comparison to the oppression of women globally, but I think it plays into a much deeper misconception that women should look good rather than be practically equipped – but why should we have to choose?"

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