3 Vegan Desserts Your Non-Vegan Friends Will Love

Photo Courtesy Of Vegan With Bite
If you've ever ventured into making vegan cuisine, you'll know that vegan baking is a whole world harder than vegan cooking. The sad fact is that the texture and flavour you get from butter and eggs can be far harder to replicate than making a vegan version of your favourite curry.
However, with the right guidance, it's far from impossible.
Shannon Martinez is the chef mastermind behind Smith & Daughters, a deli and restaurant which has become a household name on the Australian vegan scene. Though not vegan herself, she's known for her killer vegan recipes, especially when it comes to desserts and baked goods. The secret? Adding a savoury element to make the sweetness pop, and using ingenious tricks and substitutes to emulate the texture of a regular bake.
Ahead are three recipes from her newest book Vegan With Bite that will wow vegans and non-vegans alike. Just make sure you get the best quality vegan milk and butter you can find.

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