20 Urban Outfitters Home Products That Look Surprisingly Grown-Up

Urban Outfitters has been a bastion of crop tops, artfully ripped jeans, and tongue-in-cheek books for as long as we can remember. Aside from its fashion offerings, the retailer also peddles colloquial wall art, tie-dye bedding, and peace-sign home decor. In other words, it's where many teens and early-twentysomethings find the perfect pieces to dress up their dorm rooms.
But somewhere along the way, the retailer's housewares division evolved into something very different. The site is now stocked with a panoply of minimalist, sleek, and design-oriented products that even grown-up shoppers can lust after. The brand hasn't pivoted away from its core demographic, per se — it's still well-stocked with fairy lights and heart-shaped merchandise — but it also stocks plenty of online-only pieces that look polished, but not overly trendy. Ahead, we round up 20 chic décor finds for your grown-ass self.