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This TikTok Hack Makes DIY French Tips Simple — But I Have Thoughts

Photo by Jacqueline Kilikita.
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Thanks to TikTok's obsession with all things '90s and Y2K, beauty trends like chunky highlights, the half up, half down ponytail and bold lip liner are everywhere — but the most popular nostalgic look to make a comeback might be the classic French tips manicure.
This spring, pretty pastel tips reigned supreme as the nail art of choice but as they say, style is cyclical, and bold white French tips are back as manicurists and nail art obsessives flock to the app to create their own retro nail looks. If you're not a dab hand with nail polish, perfecting the very precise, flawless white tip can be difficult, but that's where TikTok's latest hack comes in.

What is TikTok's French tips manicure hack and why has it gone viral?

TikToker Maria Zarkova has gone viral for their speedy French tips manicure hack, which involves applying a slick of white polish to the end of your finger and pressing your nail into it. The soft pad subsequently covers the end of the nail and creates a white tip in moments, without requiring fiddly nail brushes or a very steady hand. The popular video has amassed 15.8k views and counting, and has been reposted by Lookfantastic, where it got 18.9k views and comments calling it "genius".

How do you do TikTok's French tips manicure hack?

I rarely attempt nail art for fear of messing up but the tutorial appeared quick and easy. As always, I prepped my nails with Nails INC. NailKale Superfood Base Coat, £15, to prevent nail staining and to provide a smoother canvas for my nail polish. The classic French manicure is based on a nude nail look so I reached for Peacci Nail Polish in Bonjour, £10, and applied two coats to build up the sheer pink colour.
I waited an hour for the polish to dry completely before attempting my French tips using Nails INC. 73% Plant Power 21 Free Vegan Nail Polish in Free Time Is Me Time, £9. I applied a thick swash of polish to my index finger, then very slowly and gently pressed my thumbnail against it. I repeated the step for each nail, using a different finger as my 'sponge' each time.

Does TikTok's French tips manicure hack actually work?

Success! Kind of? It did work to create some sort of French tip but it wasn't as precise as I'd hoped and I had to go over it with the nail polish brush, which was finicky. The worst part? The mess. As you can see in the pictures, it's incredibly difficult to do both hands without getting polish all over the bottle — some even ended up on my clothes and I became quite flustered. Another thing about this trend is that you have to wait for all the French tips to dry before cleaning up with nail polish remover and a cotton bud, otherwise you're likely to mess them up, so I had to sit there covered in sticky polish for a while.
TikTokers point out that a small makeup sponge, such as an old BeautyBlender, might be a better idea than using your fingers as it supposedly creates less mess. While it does lend a better, more precise French tip as seen in Maria's impressive second video, you might still end up getting thick polish on the underside of your nail (and maybe even inside, depending on the length), which takes a long time to clean up.

How do you do French tips easily at home?

I'll be honest and say this hack isn't for me. Carla Opoku, founder of nail polish brand Cienna Rose, offers a solution. "It can be tricky to create a French mani with normal polish but I'm not sure I'd go with this approach as it's a little messy." Instead, Carla prefers to use a fine liner brush to create the tip. "I don't dip it into the white polish, as it'll just grab too much colour. I tip some of the white shade onto a mixing palette or tin foil. You then have more control over how much colour you pick up on the brush. Dip the brush into the white and starting from the points of nail growth, make a smile shape towards the free edge from the left side and right side, meeting in the middle." Try Cienna Rose Enriched Nail Lacquer in Blank Canvas, £9. Carla's top tip when free-handing in this way is to keep the brush still (try not to take it off the nail) and roll your finger to get the smile-shape, curved line. "For any mistakes, just use a toothpick dipped in remover," says Carla. "It's all about practice; there are just some things you can't always take shortcuts on."
If you have very unsteady hands, you might want to stock up on nail art guides or stencils, which you can buy at Amazon. The moon-shaped stickers adhere to the nail (be sure to let your base polish dry completely first) and leave a crescent-shaped space free for the white polish. Any excess polish will end up on the paper sticker (which you simply throw away) rather than on your fingertips, which makes the process a lot less messy.
From fake tan lip liner to the double ponytail hack for longer hair, TikTok's most liked beauty hacks rarely fail to impress me. But this isn't something I'd try again in a hurry — not when there are much easier ways to achieve a DIY manicure. If you don't fancy doing your own French tips at home? Support your local nail salon instead. It'll save you the faff and mess, for sure.
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