Phone Off, Wash On, Water The Plants: Zeena Shah’s Mindful Sunday Ritual

2020 has been a wake-up call in a myriad of ways and, right now, many of us are reassessing our lives and priorities. Part of this reset has involved thinking about how to live slower, more considered lifestyles when it comes to our food, fashion habits, work-life balance and reclaiming what really matters. To explore this further, we've teamed up with LG to spend a Sunday with some inspiring women, getting to know what an ideal Sunday looks like for them and discovering the restorative routines and traditions that help them recharge and reboot.
East London-based Zeena Shah is a 'yes' person, with most of her week full of plans and big ideas. Sundays, though, are a different story. Sunday is when the art director, stylist, author and illustrator unwinds, unplugs and prepares for the week ahead. Since lockdown, Zeena’s need to consciously carve out this time has only increased, with the self-confessed craft lover dedicating her day to creativity and caring for her clothes in the most sustainable ways possible.
For Zeena this means phone off, pottering around the house, putting on an eco-friendly wash, watering her many plants and getting stuck in with some embroidery, print designing or illustrating. It's all about going at a slower pace and taking time to appreciate the items she already owns and, ultimately, embracing a more considered way of living.
As a textile designer and fashion lover, Zeena owns many beautiful, handmade (sometimes even by her) and pre-owned garments that require proper care. While many of us are guilty of overlooking the clothes label, Zeena is the opposite, dedicating time to looking after her items properly, considering the way they are washed, how often and with what, with sustainability always front of mind. Which is where LG's AI DD washing machine comes in. The perfect addition to a mindful fashion-lover's home, it has special technology which means the drum is able to detect the fabric characteristics of your laundry and adapt the wash accordingly. Everything from the water pressure to the number of spins is adapted to ensure your clothes are looked after without compromising on the wash. There's also the machine’s TurboWash 360 setting, an eco-friendly option that uses less energy.
As someone who only buys things that she loves and that will last, Zeena relishes making time for this mindful ritual on a Sunday. Not least because there's nothing quite like having a pile of your favourite clothes clean and ready to wear for the week ahead. By taking the time to treasure the items she already has, she sidesteps unconscious excess – benefiting her own mindset and the planet in the process – which we can all get on board with.
Inspired by Zeena, here are four tips to get you started in making your own wardrobe more sustainable:
1. Wash smart.
LG's AI DD washing machine is intrinsically eco-friendly with it's fabric technology and TurboWash setting. Other steps include airing out clothes instead of washing after each wear, using eco washing powder, only washing at 30 degrees and investing in a Guppy Bag to wash synthetics.
2. Appreciate the items you already own.
Mending your clothes, or taking them to a tailor if you aren’t feeling crafty, is one way to preserve your favourite garments and ensure they survive for generations to come. 
3. Shop secondhand.
Try vintage stores, charity shops and online marketplaces, like ebay and Depop, when you want to add something new to your wardrobe.
4. Consume mindfully.
Ask yourself, ‘do I really need this?’ and support ethical brands if you do want to invest in something new. Good On You and the Fashion Transparency Index are brilliant for finding out about brands’ sustainability credentials.
To find out more about LG’s #CareForWhatYouWear campaign and the AI DD Washing Machine, visit their website.

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