Small Bathroom Ideas For Your Tiny Rented Flat

Photo courtesy of IKEA.
It's no secret that city living means compromising on space, and no space is more scrimped on than the bathroom.
Of course, sacrificing square footage to more lived-in rooms like bedrooms and living rooms makes sense when you're building a house, but after a few months of actually using said bathroom, the novelty of being able to flush the loo while you sit in the bath is going to wear very thin indeed.
Annoyingly, most online articles about dealing with small bathrooms include non-rental-friendly tips like "add in a skylight" and "install a half-size bath", which is all well and good if you own your place and have a spare couple of grand lying around but what about renters who fear the simple drilling of a hole in the wall?
Here, we've tried to give you renters with tiny bathrooms a few tips to help you make the place look bigger and more user-friendly, without pissing off your landlord. Click through to see.