Here's What £1,300 Rent Can Get You In Cities Around The Country

Photographed by Matilda Hill-Jenkins.
Across the UK, rents vary enormously. From London, where rent is regularly as much as half a paycheque, to Belfast, where sharing a three-bedroom house can set you back as little as £170 a month, it's complicated and confusing stuff. But understanding the lay of the land is very important if you're trying to figure out where to put down roots, or where to head next on your precarious journey through adulthood.
Unfortunately you can't escape the fact that rents are high. According to Rightmove, the average rent paid for a studio or one-bedroom property in London is now is £1,318 a month. Other locations are, of course, less expensive.
If the London life is for you right now, then you may need to compromise on other parts of your lifestyle to find your ideal place to live. But just how much does that amount get you around the UK? We've rounded up the best that £1,300 can do in different cities to give you an idea of how things pan out across the UK.
Happy hunting.

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