The Best Advice 11 Women Over 30 Have For Your Quarter-Life Crisis

Erin Yamagata / Getty Images X Refinery29
When you start nearing the tail end of your 20s, you can start to experience a quarter-life crisis, which can push you to make some drastic changes — some good, others, not so much. Or you might want to retreat from the confronting feelings, scrambling to find something stable to cling to instead.
According to research, 26 is the average age to experience this rite of passage, which makes sense, given that we officially lose the 'early 20s' tag. And given that we've lost a good three years to the pandemic, we'd say that just about everyone's having an existential crisis right now, freaking out about where they're at in life.
So if you're on this precipice, or already deep into your quarter-life crisis, the best advice you can find is often from those who have not only made it out the other end, but have actually taken some invaluable learnings from their twenties and beyond. One Reddit thread that grabbed our attention is doing just that.
Ahead, we round up the 10 best pieces of advice from women over 30 who have seen the light and have some sage words for your journey.

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