This Woman Made A Hilarious Poem From Quarantine Emails

Photo: Kate Anglestein
Working from home during the coronavirus pandemic brings with it a range of challenges – from creating a healthy working environment to becoming an absolute boss at Google Hangouts.
Resisting the urge to solo drink at the end of the working day is another persistent battle for some of us.
There's also the small matter of adapting your email greetings to reflect the gravity of the COVID-19 situation, but without coming across insincere. "Hope you're staying safe" and "are you going stir crazy yet?" seem to have become the new "hope you're well" and "how's it going?"
Jessica Salfia, a teacher and writer from West Virginia, has taken first lines from emails she's received while quarantining and made them into a witty poem featuring some very familiar turns of phrase.
"In these uncertain times, as we navigate the new normal, are you willing to share your ideas and solutions?" it begins. "As you know, many people are struggling..."
The poem also includes some of the opportunistic marketing offers she's received while quarantining, such as "calories don't count during a pandemic" and "Mother's Day looks a little different this year – you're invited to shop all jeans 50% off".
At the time of writing, Salfia's poem has been liked more than 100,000 times – which isn't too surprising because in all honesty, it's the content we need right now. Check out the full poem below.
Voice actor Gianni Matragrano has even narrated Salfia's poem in a hilariously mock-serious way.
If you're feeling kind of bored this Easter weekend but don't fancy writing a poem, why not check out our exhaustive list of 100 things to do during self-isolation?

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