12 Heartwarming Acts Of Good Happening In The Age Of Coronavirus

Photographed by Richard Newstead.
Our current global situation is something that none of us could have imagined just a few months ago. Since originating in Wuhan, COVID-19 has spread rapidly around the world, causing many communities to self-isolate in a bid to flatten the curve and stop the virus spreading.
As of Monday 23rd March, the UK government announced tighter restrictions to ensure the safety of the wider population. The guidelines now state that the British public should not be leaving their homes unless it is for basic shopping, medical assistance, one form of daily exercise or travelling to and from work. The measures, while needed, have left many people feeling anxious, creating an air of tension both online and in the outside world.
Thankfully though, in times of crisis, the best parts of humanity often shine through. While the negative impact of coronavirus continues to dominate global conversation, many acts of kindness are taking place amid the unrest. From local communities offering to collect groceries for elderly neighbours, to teachers tutoring pupils via video call, self-isolation is seeing people band together more than ever before.
So if you are in need of something to smile about, click through to see all the acts of good happening in the world right now.

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