This Is Why October Is A Huge Month For Job Hunters

If you're currently looking for a new job with a higher salary or better work-life balance, you're in good company. According to Glassdoor, October is going to be a super-busy month for job hunters seeking both full-time and part-time roles.
In fact, Glassdoor is already seeing a "huge spike" in job searches as workers try to secure a new role before winter and the Christmas rush. Their figures suggest that the recent trend of workers "quiet quitting" their jobs is giving way to a new trend they're calling "job cuffing".
"In the dating world, the start of autumn signals the beginning of the cuffing season. A time to ‘handcuff’ yourself to a potential partner to see you through the cold, winter months ahead before re-emerging in spring to decide whether to commit or leave the relationship for a summer," says Glassdoor's Jill Cotton.
"But [our] new insights show that cuffing is not just a dating phenomenon," she adds. "Job hunters across the UK also look to cuff for the winter and settle down quickly into a new role."
According to Cotton, this makes October a brilliant month for job hunters – provided they act quickly before the market slows down again in November and December.
"There are plenty of jobs out there at the moment as employers continue to struggle to find enough staff to fill their open roles, giving workers a temporary upper hand in the labour market," she says. "And companies need to be quick to hire, as the frantic job searching activity will sharply decline as we move into the winter."
The next spike in job searches will come in February, when workers seek out new roles in time for spring. But, whether you're job hunting at the moment or not, now is definitely the time to plan ahead and make the most of 2023's annual leave.

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