Money Diary: A Local Government Worker On 23k

Welcome to Money Diaries, where we're tackling what might be the last taboo facing modern working women: money. We're asking a cross-section of women how they spend their hard-earned money during a seven-day period – and we're tracking every last penny.
This week: "I work in local government, assisting local politicians with policy work, and also in hospitality, as PA to a managing director, who I get on with very well, which is probably the only reason I'm still in the job. I worked in politics in London from university and was very lucky to land the local government job when I moved up north, even though it's only part-time. 
Managing two very different jobs is hard but I love being able to set my own hours – especially in the summer, when I receive the text message 'Pub?' at two in the afternoon. I have a plan to work on a more solid career path next year when I find out whether my local government job will go full-time. At the moment I'm enjoying working on my fitness goals, not being scared of my finances and having a great personal life. I have wonderful friends, family and a bloody excellent girlfriend. We are currently trying to find a house to rent and I cannot wait to build a home together." 
Industry: Local government and hospitality 
Age: 27 
Location: South Yorkshire 
Salary: £23,000 approx. I get random bonuses, which I don't count in my annual income.
Pension: I have different schemes going on for different jobs and I will crack this; my first step was sorting out all the paperwork and online logins a couple of months ago. 
Pre-pay deductions: £30 Cyclescheme and £48 salary sacrifice extra holiday I purchased so I could take six weeks off one job in the summer. This is a great perk of the public sector as my job is quiet in summer.
Paycheque amount after tax: Around £1,550-£1,650. I get paid monthly with one job and fortnightly with the hourly job so it varies depending on how many hours I've done. 
Number of housemates: Officially it's just me but my girlfriend has pretty much moved in, even though she has her own house. 
Monthly Expenses
Housing: £475 rent.
Loan payments: 0 – two paycheques under the limit means I don't pay off my student loans for some reason. Around £15 overdraft interest. 
Utilities: Council tax £91, gas and electric £44, water £21, gym £17. 
Transport: 0 – I cycle or walk everywhere and pay for Ubers as I don't contribute to my partner's car. When we move in together it will go into shared costs as I plan on learning to drive next year. 
Phone bill: £42.
Savings? I have finally done the adult thing and set up payday transfers that total £115 per month and I sometimes add more (but also take away). I also use Monzo pots religiously and have two set up for short-term saving goals such as Christmas presents and gig tickets. 
Other: Spotify £9.99, Netflix £8.99. 
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