Money Diary: A Construction Manager In Lancashire On 21.5k

Welcome to Money Diaries, where we're tackling what might be the last taboo facing modern working women: money. We're asking a cross-section of women how they spend their hard-earned money during a seven-day period – and we're tracking every last penny.
This week we're with a trainee construction manager who loves to travel...
"I am a 20-year-old self-confessed Selfridges addict, avid Avios points collector, lover of designer handbags, holidays and living outside of my means.
I started my first 'real job' as a trainee construction site manager a year ago, and now live away from home Monday-Friday, all over the country. Living alone as the only female at work gets me down at times so I tend to eat my feelings in an attempt to feel better. I am the only one out of my friendship group to not be at uni, so in April I decided to stop saving heavily and spend, as I feel like I’m missing out on being young and having fun. Since then, I have bought myself a new car which I pay for monthly, been on five holidays, splurged on business class flights, drunk too many Jägerbombs and pretty much maxed out my credit card, but I have no regrets (sorry Mum).
From my next paycheque I plan on being sensible. My expenses claims at work were regularly high so I have just been given a company card to pay for my breakfast and evening meals while away, and I have also received an unexpected but fabulous £1,500 pay rise which should make saving easier. I have a savings account to pay for my boyfriend and I to go to Vegas for my 21st next April, which I have added small amounts to for the past couple of months; I have also opened a savings account which you can pay in up to £250 a month for extra interest. I plan on buying a house to develop in a nearby cheaper town to hopefully make some profit. I also have an ISA that I put most of my savings into and this acts as an 'F Off' fund for travelling around the world."
Industry: Construction
Age: 20
Location: Lancashire at weekends and currently Edinburgh during the week.
Salary: £21,500 plus a £3k (after tax) car allowance and topped up with £260 a month from my mum for bits of work I do for her business.
Paycheque amount: Roughly £1,800 (not including Mum's business). It changes slightly every month due to expenses. This is with my increased pension contributions taken out, money taken out monthly to pay for a £1,000 travel voucher I got through work, private healthcare costs, and a monthly flex fund payment I get. Honestly I don’t understand my paycheque as so many things are listed after my basic pay.
Number of housemates: I live with my parents and my two adorable dogs.
Monthly Expenses
Housing costs: £0, work pay for my serviced apartment costs during the week and I live at home at weekends. I did attempt to move out and paid around £400 a month for a double room in a houseshare with friends but I was only ever there a couple of days a month.
Loan payments: £245 a month for my car. £25 a month for my credit card, it’s £40 off being maxed out and I really should overpay this but it's 0% interest so I’m ignoring that for now. £150 standing order to my mum to repay her for when she’s helped me out.
Utilities: £0
Transportation: Work pay for my train tickets to Scotland and back. I buy petrol if and when I need it and if I am ever driving for work I can claim the fuel back as expenses.
Phone bill: £55 a month, this is with friends and family discount for iPhone 8+! I think this includes £5 a month insurance but I’m honestly not sure. When my contract ends next year I plan on moving to a sim-only contract.
Savings? Hmm, this honestly changes every month depending on how reckless and extravagant I’m feeling. This month: £200 into my house fund as I bought a new Mulberry handbag for winter in Heathrow last week. I got 10,850 Heathrow rewards points from this purchase which I will convert into British Airways air miles, saving me money on next year’s holidays, so technically I have still saved! Next month I’m aiming to save around £7/800.
Other: £35 finance payment for my Apple iPad. I bought this in February on Currys' 'buy now pay later', with the plan of paying it off in full in the six months where there would be no interest but guess who didn’t manage that... so now I’m just going to pay monthly for it, maybe it will boost my credit score?
Total: £710

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