Money Diary: 27-Year-Old Working In Banking On 75k

Welcome to Money Diaries, where we're tackling what might be the last taboo facing modern working women: money. We're asking a cross-section of women how they spend their hard-earned money during a seven-day period – and we're tracking every last penny.
This week we're with a 27-year-old who works in banking in London. She earns well but says she has now sort of lost the ability not to waste money, as she doesn't see the consequences of running out. She is hoping that keeping this record will shame her as she thinks she should be saving much more than she currently is...
Industry: Finance/ Banking
Age: 27
Location: London
Salary: £75k
Paycheque amount per month: Varies by month (depends on bonus), but usually £3.6k (I think?!)
Number of housemates: 3
Monthly Expenses
Housing costs: £720
Loan payments: £0 – paid off my student loan last month!
Utilities: Around £110 – including £25 a month for a weekly cleaner for the communal bits of the house.
Transportation: Usually I buy a monthly zone 1-2 travelcard for £130, but this month I’m doing without.
Phone bill: £45
Health insurance: £0
Savings? I have set payments into a help-to-buy and a savings ISA each month where the maximum I can put in is £700. The idea is then to transfer anything else remaining at the end of the month into another savings account but due to lots of upfront costs for holidays, festivals, hen parties, etc earlier this year (plus an ability to leak money constantly!), I haven’t done this for a while.
Other: Insurance £6 monthly, Gym membership (with a hefty corporate discount through my company) £50, Times subscription + other magazine subscriptions – around £40 month, discounted ClassPass subscription £19.

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