Money Diary: A 24-Year-Old Art Gallery Assistant In London On 24k

Welcome to Money Diaries, where we're tackling what might be the last taboo facing modern working women: money. We're asking a cross-section of women how they spend their hard-earned money during a seven-day period – and we're tracking every last penny.
This week we're with a 24-year-old living in London and working in an art gallery.
"I am an assistant in a contemporary art gallery. I’ve been working here just over a year and have just been promoted although my pay has not (yet) been increased. I really love my job and industry, although I sometimes stress about comparing my job opportunities/salary to my friends (especially the ones working for big corporate firms).
I sometimes find it hard to keep track of my spending and recently opened a Monzo account for all my 'fun' spending so I can really visualise what I spend. I have a slight Depop addiction (which I’m trying to curb, although it’s more sustainable to buy secondhand) and can never say no to a Big Night Out with my friends. Overall, though, I think I manage quite well on what I earn and try to have a good balance between saving and being like, fuck it, I’m young and want to have fun. In the run-up to Christmas, I’m really conscious about helping to save the planet and being more sustainable and am trying to make lifestyle changes amid the manic festivities."
Industry: Contemporary art
Age: 24
Location: London
Salary: £24,000
Paycheque amount: About £1,610, but it’ll be reduced each month for the next year because HMRC undercharged me in the last tax year so now I owe them £330. Sad times… Number of housemates: 4 (3 girls, 1 boy, they are so much fun).
Monthly Expenses
Housing costs: £782.Welcome to Zone 2! Last year I paid £801/month but have managed to negotiate it down for the year ahead because it was slightly obscene. We split based on room size and salaries; our house is a bit more expensive though 'cos there’s five of us and there’s a weird 5+ person charge if you’re not related. We should’ve lied and said we were all cousins.
Loan payments: £0. My parents don't approve of student debt and I am very lucky that they were in the position to help me pay for uni, for which I am eternally grateful. I lived with my dad in London while I did my master's and subsequent year of internships so was able to save money then too.
Utilities: £27.98 council tax, £7.50 internet, £5 house kitty (for loo roll, etc), and I budget around £30 per month for utilities but the bills come quarterly so I'm not sure of the exact amount. Also about £100/year for home/contents insurance.
Transportation: I pay roughly £40/week for my Oyster, it's on automatic top-up when the balance goes under £10. It's usually around £100-ish per month depending on how sociable I'm being. I also have my railcard on it which caps my spending, so I never go above £6.50/day.
Phone bill: Yes, I am 24, and yes, my dad still pays for my phone bill.
Savings? I slightly depleted my savings after uni because of interning and travelling, so I don’t have as much saved as I would like, but it’s currently about £1,850 in my ISA and £800 in my main savings. I pay £200 into my Help to Buy ISA every two months, and £150+ per month (from this month onwards) into my new savings account. I try and put whatever is left at the end of the month into my savings account, but this is often not a lot after bills. I do occasionally need a bit of help from my parents, but am also trying really hard to be financially independent.
Other: £25ish for gym membership, and £50 for a monthly unlimited yoga pass (I go twice a week so I feel like it’s good value). Amazon Prime £7.99 (I read a lot of books), £3.99 for NowTV (I only bought this to watch Big Little Lies so I don’t know why I still pay for it), £2.49 iCloud subscription. I share my dad’s Netflix because there is literally no point in not doing so.
Total: £1,011.95 (!!!)
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