Why Millennials Are Unhappy At Work

Being a twentysomething in the workplace — whether fresh out of college or a few years into the "real world" — is no walk in the park. We find ourselves constantly questioning our industry, our roles at work, how our managers and bosses view us, and our general abilities to handle the pressures of being an adult. This is not to say that millennials have it harder than other generations. However, we do have a particular set of shared anxieties specific to our age group.
In her book, The Defining Decade, clinical psychologist Meg Jay, PhD, implores readers to make the most of their 20s instead of leaving big decision-making for their 30s. She uses the anecdotes of her real-life patients to introduce, explain, and in most cases, offer solutions to, the career and relationship angst faced by young professionals.
Here, we discuss five common anxieties experienced in the workplace. In an email exchange, Dr. Jay provided us with her valuable input and some sound career advice; it will resonate with any twentysomething navigating a career.

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