10 Gorgeous Kitchens To Inspire A Remodel

We'd bet we spend about half our lives in the kitchen. From midnight-snack grazing to lazy breakfasts at home — where the food is, there you will find us. But, just because it's a useful space for sautéing up a storm doesn't mean it should lack one ounce of charm.
The 10 kitchens ahead run the gamut from subtle to bold, rustic to modern. There's something for every style, and decorating tricks to steal no matter what you're trying to achieve. To define a space, consider wallpapering just one side of a room. If you don't want to spend money on artwork, display your funky dishware. Click through to see these tips (and more) take shape, and then get ready for a little weekend renovating. After all, your hearth should always be well-designed, even if you just use your oven for sweater storage.