How To Feel Confident In The Kitchen

Photographed by Alexandra Gavillet.
Put me in a kitchen and I’m happy. I love to cook. But I do understand that not everyone feels the same way. So, can’t cook? Don’t cook? Won’t cook? Or could it be mageirocophobia (a genuine fear of cooking) that’s keeping you from a more intimate relationship with your oven?
In these foodie times it’s easy to feel our cooking skills are inadequate if we haven’t home-smoked a duck breast or brewed a batch of Kombucha before breakfast. Not to mention banging out on-point plates on a daily basis to share on Instagram.
Some people love to cook and are incredibly confident in the kitchen. For others, the thought of just switching on the oven has them trembling with terror. Then, of course, there are those males of the species who presume we ladies come factory-set with the ability to whip up a five-course feast in the time it takes them to pop outside for a smoke.
The truth is, cooking is a skill that needs to be learned – just like anything else. Yes, it’s not for everyone. But if it’s just a few nerves keeping you out of the kitchen, why not try stepping back in?
A few key tips, a little culinary know-how and some killer recipes can take the anxious cook a long way. The best way to start is to get started. Here’s how…

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