The 10 Questions You Should Always Ask Before Accepting A New Job

If you’re on the hunt for a new job, getting an offer can feel like the ultimate victory. Your work is done! Time to say yes and move on with the next chapter of your career.
Not so fast. While receiving a job offer is indeed a huge accomplishment, accepting without asking a few questions is a missed opportunity to learn more about the company and your new role. Not only are you potentially neglecting a chance to negotiate your salary, you also risk rushing the process and not making an informed decision. You should absolutely use this time to ask about growth, salary, and company culture if you haven’t had the chance yet. Yes, it can be a little intimidating to ask these harder questions, but if you’ve secured an offer, you should be comfortable in knowing they want you. Now you just need to be 100% sure you want them.
So what exactly should you know before saying yes to a new gig, besides the number of vacation days you'll be getting? We’ve asked some career experts for the questions they recommend asking — and the kinds of answers you should be looking for to make sure this is an offer worth accepting.

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