Are We Working Ourselves To Death?

We need to talk about the new employment "trend": overworking. Have you seen this ad for Timberland that informs us that we’ll never be able to retire? Did you need a reminder that your hard work pays off.. for your boss? ETrade’s got you covered! And this is my personal favourite: Do you survive on coffee, have no time to sleep but always follow through? An app called Fiverr would love to put that passion to work!
Why are we normalising not eating lunch in favour of powering through with coffee and no sleep? While the "startup mentality" promised to help us build our dreams, does our hustle really help our careers? Or are we just building someone else's? Journalist Sarah Kessler tackles this in her new book, Gigged: The End of the Job and the Future of Work. I sat down with Sarah to get a better handle on what exactly the "gig economy" is, who it's working for (and who it's not) and what exactly our generation is sacrificing for "freedom and flexibility".
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