This Is The Ideal Working Week, According To You

The ideal working week for office workers in the UK is 32 hours, a new study has found.
This is six hours – nearly a full working day – less than the UK's current average working week of 38 hours.
The study found that most office workers would ideally like to spread their 32 hours over Monday to Thursday, leaving them a dreamy-sounding three-day weekend.
The study by Workthere confirmed the growing popularity and necessity of flexible working with just 3% of respondents saying they didn't think this benefited them in any way.
The study found that millennials are most likely to spend less time in the office, preferring to work remotely when they can as they strive for a more flexible working life.
Workthere's Cal Lee said that "there has historically been a common misconception in the office that working longer hours means you get more done and you are more dedicated".
Lee pointed out, however, that it's "important to note that working longer hours does not always lead to higher output and could have the opposite effect for productivity".
"The fact that the ideal working week is six hours shorter than the current average working week is a key indicator that, whilst work is still an essential factor, the needs and preferences of the UK office workforce are changing," he added.
News that most Brits believe a shorter working week is desirable comes within months of a report which found that women's working weeks are actually getting longer.
The report by the Resolution Foundation blamed the financial crisis of 2007-8 for an increase in working hours which has affected women and young people more than men.
While men's working weeks have increased by 40 minutes in the past decade, women's have increased by 65 minutes.
The Resolution Foundation attributes this to a 12-year "stagnation" in real pay, which has meant that women especially "have looked for more hours of work to protect their family incomes".
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