5 Healthy Breakfast Recipes That Also Happen To Taste Good

Breakfast: There’s a reason many tout this meal as the most important of the day. From stabilising blood sugar levels to providing a much-needed boost of energy first thing in the morning, eating breakfast has many benefits for your overall health that shouldn’t be ignored.
But because mornings can feel so hectic, a nutritious a.m. meal doesn’t always get the time or respect it deserves. That’s why smoothies — blended with quality ingredients — are one of my favourites. They’re delicious, filling, and fast when you’re in a time crunch, and you can load them up with all the greens and healthy fats that you want. (Both food groups that nurture your brain and your mood.)
And, if you crave a heartier first meal or love a lazy weekend morning as much as I do, the truffled farm eggs with smoked salmon or shakshuka recipes that you’ll find here will be favourites — I promise. So set your alarm a little earlier each morning (or batch prep two to three days of smoothies by storing pre-blended ingredients in a quart container in the freezer), and try some of the recipes excerpted here from Drew Ramsey M.D.’s Eat Complete.
There’s something about starting my day with a beautiful meal that really makes me feel like I’m winning at self-care.

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