14 Hacks That'll Turn Anyone Into A Morning Person

Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
Morning people swear that the first few hours of the day are the most productive. These folks are quick to reference peak brainpower and alertness and will talk on (and on and on) about the ease with which they complete errands and workouts before 9 a.m. They might be right, but if you happen to be a serial snoozer like us, you've likely never gotten up early enough to put their claims to the test.
Luckily, waking early and using those extra hours strategically is a feat anyone can achieve, so long as they're willing to make a few pivotal tweaks to their daily routine. All you need to do is get motivated, stay organized — we found relying on the Google Assistant to be especially helpful — and, of course, commit. Ahead, we've compiled 14 hacks that had even the sleepiest among us rising and shining with ease. Up for the challenge?

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