How To Hang Things From Your Walls Without Losing Your Rental Deposit

Photo Via @bethany_rutter
Having to work from home during the past year or so has got many of us rethinking how we see our home space. We're constructing makeshift desk spaces, spring cleaning and reevaluating how we feel about clutter. And with that comes a desire to redecorate and fill our walls with the prints, pictures and memories we cherish.
However if you rent privately (like 20% of the UK population) that presents a bit of a quandary. You're very unlikely to get your full deposit back if you hammer a bunch of holes in the wall so unless you're the kind of person who is willing and able to write off that kind of money, that puts an end to hanging anything up.
In theory at least.
Happily there are other, secret ways you can decorate without leaving any 'damage' behind: repurposing furniture, using special materials or rethinking how your walls can work. Here are some of our favourites so you can rest safe in the knowledge that at least it won't be wall damage that keeps you from your deposit.

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