7 Chic Spaces Your Gran Could Have Decorated

If visits to your granny’s house as a child were anything like mine, they were a curious cocktail of boredom, excitement and confusion. Why was her house so different from yours? What were all those funny china ornaments about? What do you call those white napkins draped over the backs of the armchairs and why did she keep all her food in a cupboard under the stairs? These were just some of the questions raised by these visits.
Oddities aside, Granny’s house had a certain style – not that we'd have appreciated it at the time, of course. Now, we can’t get enough: the wild wallpapers, the eclectic china collections, the complete disregard for minimalism. She was onto something. So say hello to a new generation of grandma-inspired interiors – the perfect mix of old and new. Your nan would approve.