These Fleabag Stars Just Gave Free Gins To Queuing Fans

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Fleabag is very nearly over. Phoebe Waller-Bridge has said this year's stunning second series is definitely the last, and she's now performing the original Fleabag stage play – which the show is based on – for the final time.
Waller-Bridge's last performance as Fleabag takes place at London's Wyndham's Theatre on 14th September, so it's no surprise that fans have been queuing up outside the theatre to grab tickets for the last few shows.
What is very surprising, though, is that Waller-Bridge and Andrew Scott – the so-called "sexy priest" himself – turned up outside the theatre on Saturday to hand out free gin-in-a-tins to queuing fans.
The choice of drink was presumably a cute reference to the series two scene in which Fleabag and the sexy priest share a couple of gin-in-a-tins in his church.
Video footage of Waller-Bridge and Scott's sweet moment of generosity has gone viral on Twitter this weekend, being liked more than 73,000 times.
Responding to the footage, one fan tweeted hilariously: "This is one of those moments where I look back on my life, which has not lead up to being handed gin by Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Andrew Scott outside the theatre, and I realise I have made all the wrong decisions."
Oh, and if you're still sulking about Fleabag being over, Waller-Bridge has recently offered the tiniest glimmer of hope. At a recent press event in the US, she reiterated her decision not to make a third series, but added: "I have a fantasy of bringing Fleabag back when I’m 50."
Waller-Bridge is 34 years old at the moment, so that's only about 16 years to wait... We'll drink (a gin-in-a-tin) to that.

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