All The Looks We Love From Euphoria (& Where To Shop Them)

We haven't stopped thinking about HBO's Euphoria since it hit UK screens a few weeks ago. From the single-shot cinematography to the acting (we're stoked to see Zendaya in more than bland Marvel movies from here on out) and the soundtrack (Beyoncé, Billie Eilish and Lizzo? Yes please), it's a pitch-perfect delivery that makes us supremely thankful we're no longer teenagers while also making us nostalgic for a youth cooler than ours ever was.
Touching on key issues facing Gen Z right now – from the omnipresence of porn to gender fluidity and drug addiction – one of the best things about the show is the style. Every character, flawed in their own perfect way, is given such a spot-on look by costume designer Heidi Bivens, who's worked on other acutely aesthetic films and TV shows (think Spring Breakers, mid90s and The Beach Bum), that it makes their performance all the more believable.
It’s no mean feat nailing teen life (though Skins and The Inbetweeners did a pretty good job of capturing Britain’s mortifying youth in the '00s) but Bivens' reflection of Gen Z's shopping habits – think Depop meets Urban Outfitters – makes the show feel even more real.
From Rue’s hoodie and tie-dye clad scumbro to Jules’ otherworldly anime-esque looks, here are all the pieces we’re shopping inspired by the coolest kids in Euphoria.