Meet The Cast Of Euphoria, Your New Favourite Show

About ten minutes into the brand new Zendaya-starring drama, Euphoria, one question is going to suddenly start plaguing you: how OLD are these characters and actors supposed to be? The drama looks into the lives of a group of teens and the kids certainly look and act like teens, but then all of them start taking off their shirts and engaging in some all sorts of drug-fuelled sexual escapades. Which, of course, makes you ask the question if it’s okay for you to keep watching what you’re actually watching because hopefully everyone in the cast of Euphoria is over the age of 18.
So good news, everyone is! The characters we’re seeing on the show are playing teenagers, but like every television show about teenagers, in real life, they’re much older than whoever they’re playing. With this age difference — older actors playing younger — the show is able to push literally every boundary out there when it comes to what we’re seeing, which means the show is going to give us lots of graphic scenes. Fair warning, maybe don’t watch with your parents or anyone else you’ll feel uncomfortable sitting next to through each episode.
The cast is also full of people you’ve seen before, but you might not be able to place them right away (aside from Zendaya, who is slowly taking over the world and now like that’s a bad thing). If you’re wondering who everyone is, and how old they are, we’ve got you covered.

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