4 DIY Homeware Projects We Saw On Instagram & (Successfully!) Completed

Photo Courtesy of Jess Commons.
There's something so inviting about a DIY interiors project isn't there? With just a little planning and the right supplies, you too could be the proud owner of a mosaic tiled floor or a woven headboard – made all by yourself! You put in the labour and therefore you earn double bragging rights.
It's no wonder they've been all over Instagram lately. Spending so much time indoors and really getting to know our home spaces, we've all gone through phases that naturally lead to DIY: reorganising your home, making peace with your clutter and then adding to it by buying random knick-knacks – why wouldn't you want the next change to be homemade? Plus, if everyone else on your feed can manage it, surely you can too.
But if you're anything like us you've probably been burned before. As inviting as they are, DIY projects can be deceptively messy or complicated. Lucky for you, then, we've found a few where we can guarantee success, namely because we've already managed them ourselves. So if you've got that crafting itch, why not give these a whirl?

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