Where To Find Those Vintage Knick-Knacks You’re Seeing All Over Instagram

Even as lockdown eases, the idea of returning to 'normal' feels further off than ever. Is it any wonder then that people are delighting in the tiny, the decorative, the pointless?
Whether you call them tchotchkes, knick-knacks, trinkets or pointless tat (if you're feeling mean), there's a world of useless and joyful pieces you can add to your home to bring something new and fun to that corner you've been staring at for the last six months. The more cluttered, the better!
The best pieces are invariably vintage (except for the decorative candles – they don't have much lasting power) so our top suggestion is to head to Etsy, Trouva or eBay and go wild with the search terms (I like to put 'vintage' in the Home, Furniture & DIY section and just scroll. It's much more satisfying than Instagram). Ahead we've picked out the knick-knack trends we're seeing all over Instagram, with some examples of where to get your own and what to search.

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