I Own My Studio Apartment—& It Cost Less Than £213,000

In Refinery29's Sweet Digs, we take a look inside the sometimes small, sometimes spacious homes of millennial city dwellers. Today, 30-year-old Julie Leung shows us around her 700-square-feet lofted studio in downtown Brooklyn.
In New York, locals like to say they're constantly looking for a significant other, an apartment, or a job. In her 20s, author and marketing director, Julie Leung happened to always be looking for an apartment.
"Basically, once every six to 10 months I had to find a new place. I was either getting priced out or I moved in with a boyfriend and we broke up," she says. "My parents got so tired of it." So the family hatched a plan; while many might think of home ownership as something that comes after a wedding, Julie decided to jump ahead and become one of the lucky New York City homeowners as a single woman, landing an efficient 700-square-foot studio in downtown Brooklyn.
As life would have it, Julie met Kyle a month or so after moving in. The OkCupid date eventually led to marriage, and once Kyle moved in, the apartment needed a transformation. One extra person meant a need for extra storage, requiring creative solutions to the open layout to make room for the books, gear, and clothes he brought in. With a little help from Ikea mirrors and room-dividing bookshelves, the little studio turned into a spacious-feeling Brooklyn oasis, thanks in part to its tall ceilings, large windows, and lofted bedroom. Which is all to say, Julie's search for the New York City trifecta might just be over.
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