These Are The UK Cities Where You Can Save For A Deposit In The Fastest Time

Photographed by Meg O'Donnell
Getting on the property ladder is a major milestone for any millennial, and it's no secret that it's much easier in some parts in the UK than others.
According to new research by Coulters, Liverpool is the city where it's easiest to save the standard 10% deposit you'd need to secure a mortgage. If you were able to put away 10% of the average Liverpool salary each month, you'd have the full deposit in just four years and eight months.
Stoke-on-Trent in the West Midlands is right behind; based on saving 10% of the average salary each month, you'd have your deposit in five years and eleven months.
In Kingston upon Hull, you'd get there in six years and three months; and in nearby Bradford you'd get there in six years and four months. Check out the best cities to save for a deposit below.
Graphic: Coulters
Unsurprisingly, at the other end of the spectrum, London is named the worst city to save for a house deposit. If you were able to put away 10% of the average London salary each month, it would take you a completely unrealistic 24 years and 10 months to save a deposit.
The popular university cities Oxford and Cambridge are nearly as difficult to save in, while Bristol is pretty prohibitive for first-time buyers too. It would take more than 12 years to save a deposit there based on putting away 10% of an average Bristol salary each month.
Check out the worst cities to save for a deposit below.
Mike Fitzgerald of Coulters advised anyone contemplating the possibility of getting on the property to ladder to be aware of the "hidden costs" that can catch you by surprise.
"Check the council tax band of the house before you put in an offer, otherwise this could be a surprising additional cost each month," he said. "Ask as many questions as possible and anything you think might be important ask for in writing. Questions such as ‘How long has it been on the market?’, ‘Why are they selling?’, ‘When was it last rewired?’"

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