All The Brilliant Books Being Turned Into Movies

Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage/Getty Images.
Long has our favourite reading material served as prime fodder for movies and television, dividing opinion over whether our loyalties lie with glossy screen masterings or our heavily thumbed paper classics. "But did you prefer the book or the film?" is a question that has no doubt ended friendships.

A delicate balancing act of the right casting and a selective script which includes all the pivotal scenes, it’s nerve-wracking to see beloved literary works distilled into a fleeting two hours. So dedicated is the fandom that the end result is only ever a fail or an instant masterpiece – there's no in-between. 

Last year bore the resounding success of Sally Rooney’s Normal People and Jane Austen’s Emma (again) hitting our screens – and this year is looking just as fruitful.
Whether you’re adding to your watch list or doing some preparatory reading, here are the best book-to-screen adaptations coming up in 2021… 

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