Bright & Bold Lipstick Inspiration For Every Skin Tone

Illustrated by Elysia Berman
We know you’ve heard it before, but it's worth repeating: There’s nothing a swipe of red lipstick can’t fix. Bad hair day? Poof. Out of mascara? No problem, because the iconic hue commands all the attention.
While you’ve probably got your signature red down pat, bright and bold colours may still feel intimidating. (We feel you.) In fact, you may have a ton of unopened, trendy colours at home. After all, there’s just something about the allure of brilliant blues and greens, deep purples, and even blacks that are too tempting to pass up. Although once we're home, we have zero clue what to do with them.
While we’d love to believe we can step out in bold shades, we’re left staring blankly at our closets, trying to concoct the perfect complementary look. However, with the right colour combos, pattern play, and silhouettes, you can rock ROYGBIV better than any box of Crayola.
Ahead, we’re solving all of your bold lipstick qualms with some tried-and-true lip and outfit combos. Click through for simple ways to pair the most striking of lippies with your wardrobe, courtesy of some of the coolest kids on Instagram.

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