We Put Every Brand That Thinks It Has The Perfect White T-Shirt To The Test

Photographed by Collins Nai. Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
Update: This post was originally published on June 9, 2016.
There's a reason that through decades, trend cycles, the rise of fast fashion and beyond, the white tee has remained a constant in our closets. That's why they call it a classic, right? For me, even as a fashion writer with an affinity for things like tie-dye, crop tops, and clothing with piercings, no garment has ever made me feel more amazing than a solid, worn-in white tee.
But there's just one problem: countless brands also know the magic of a white T-shirt and have offered up a take on it...and each brand is marketing its own as the absolute best. From classic American brands like Gap and Hanes to fashion labels like Reformation and Everlane, all of these names claim to make the perfect tee.
So, I'm taking a magnifying glass to those from some of R29's favorite brands to get to the bottom of who's actually making the closest-to-perfect version of this timeless wardrobe staple. While I wish I could've tried them all, I narrowed it down to six that claim to be the best in the biz. Read on for the honest reviews of each (along with a few additional options), and let us know in the comments: Who makes your holy grail white tee?